The Tyler Warren Experiments by Mark Jeremias & John Smart.

Photo by Nolan Hall.

Photo by Nolan Hall.

Tyler Warren riding a variety of his self shaped craft from 2012- 2015 in Australia, California, Indonesia, and Mexico. Enjoy

Tyler Warren 

Tyler Warren is an inspired and well-travelled artist, surfer and shaper from Dana Point, California. Many contend that his surfing is as artful as you will see anywhere and that he has developed into perhaps one of the most gifted 'all boards' surfers on the planet.

It was only natural that Tyler Warren would graduate into shaping, as he was a fly on the wall in master craftsman Terry Martin's shaping room for years. "Shaping, just like surfing, is constantly evolving. When I shape, I try to make boards that allow the surfers to have the most fun, because that’s what surfing is all about. For me, the most important design element is speed and I like to build boards that can generate speed on their own".

Tyler's star is burning bright and he is set to release his great film 'The Tyler Warren Experiments'. The film centers around Tyler Warren and the interpersonal working with different shapers, ultimately taking that knowledge and applying it to his own designs and shapes.

Within that framework, the film gives a glimpse into the shapers world, their influence and approach to making surfboards. Tyler and his surfing is the vehicle to tell their story.

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The evolution of Simmons

Inspired by the Mini Simmons designs, Tyler Warren has evolved the Bar of Soap to be something more progressive. The round nose offers more paddling power to keep the board short as possible for performance.  A slightly domed deck gives optimised floatation for surfers of varying builds and weight.

These Simmons inspired shapes are wide and compact and fast and loose. Hull entry and spiral v through the fins, The Bar of Soap is a versatile board that's quick down the line and easy to maneuver. It is ideal for intermediate to advanced surfers looking for a small-wave board that will handle up to overhead conditions. We highly recommend one in every quiver.

This Bar of Soap features a unique deep dark green resin tint top and bottom. 

Available size: 5'8 x 19 5/8 x 2 3/8

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