tristan Mausse

is fantastic acid

In his own words:

I'm hand shaping Displacement Hulls (and only Displacement Hulls). I'm trying to work on intense designs inspired by the 70's era were hulls.My designs are made for being in harmony with the fluid dynamic of the waves. I'm living in Biarritz, France, where i shape and surf mostly everyday. 

I have been fascinating by Hulls when i was still a teenage, working as a ding repairer and sander in french surfboard factory, i had a Greg Liddle to fix, and it was the first light, the first love with a design. Second time, a few months after one of my friend, I was hulled by a Californian shaper Andreini, that was my first feeling with this design, this amazing feeling. Then, during the years and years, the science and theory, Greg Liddle, Kirk Putnam, Klaus Jones, Marc Andreini, Robin Kegel, Georges Greenough, Carl Lamaitre ... and many more who are inspiring me a lot still today. 

At the same time i was getting some hulls by RADICALS hulls, and to find exactly the kind of shape i wanted. After years and after landed at Bali, I decided to shape my own boards. And to surf it, which for me is one of the most important part of a shaper: surf!Applying the theory on different models. I have all the boards of glass and finish, they come with resin and glass on flex ends. Those designs are released under the name of FANTASTIC ACID, which is at the beginning of my glassing label, I have been working for many years around the world as a glass for more than 10 years. Some boards are in stock at the factory at Bali, Uluwatu or you can order a custom. the website show you models ideas or different handfoiled flex ends or everything about Hulls culture. 

For people who like those boards with extreme thin reverse rails, S-deck, big belly vee to flat bottom shape and widest point forward, those boards who displace water for giving place and freedom to speed. Concentrate the wave's energy under your feet and let the wave displace you and give you this incredible smooth feeling while beeing faster than everything.