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Larry Mabile’s list of achievements goes on and on. He’s shaped thousands of surfboards...

...and has a resume that brings envy to the most established shapers.

Larry grew up in Pacific Beach, California and spent his early years skateboarding and surfing. While in high school he ran a glassing shack behind his parents’ house called Ghetto Glassing. Larry became known for his quality glassing work and earned the privilege to glass the boards of legendary shaper Skip Frye. This led eventually to his first shaping job for G&S Surfboards in 1979 where he continued to work next to master shaper Skip Frye.

He continued to hone his skills through the 90‘s while shaping boards at Xanadu, the Swift Movement and Kane Garden, where Larry was key designer for their surfboard line including the famous and popular Kane Garden Fish. 

Larry has also been an contributing shaper for Hydrodynamica, an independent film project (currently in progress) investigating the legacy and influence of Bob Simmons and his design concepts. His modernized versions of the original hydrodynamic planing hull, called the Ghostbuster and White Pony, have a cult following around the world. 

Today, Larry Mabile is full-time dedicated to his own company Third World Exotic Surfboards and more than ever highly appreciated worldwide for his modern takes on classic shapes.