neal purchase junior

NPJ doing his magic. Photo courtesy of Steven Bacon..    

NPJ doing his magic. Photo courtesy of Steven Bacon.. 



Neal Purchase Jnr. is widely regarded as one of the best tube riders in Queensland, a place where earning such a title means you have been seriously, seriously barrelled.

Neal captured the world’s attention with his smooth backhand style on Andrew Kidman’s movie Glass Love. Son of one of the most influential shapers of Australia, Neal was born with a hand full of talents. He not only shapes and surfs amazingly well, but he is also the gifted guitar player of the band Haldane’s Daughters and co-founder of Rhythm. 

His boards stand above everything else for their outstanding performance in the water. Neal's modern quad fin model the Quartet has accomplished a world-wide cult following, and his single and 2+1 designs are amazingly popular. 

Neal is always refining his designs, trying to find that balance between performance and ride-ability, as well as paddling and ease of being in the ocean.

"That’s why I started shaping, I wanted something that was user-friendly but that still offered a level of performance to push the board really hard, have speed, manoeuvrability and drive.. all those good things".

All his boards share the same basic concept… performance is nothing without glide.

 You just can't go wrong on a NPJ.


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