If you went looking for a prototypical high-performance, wafer-thin shred stick in Jeff McCallum's dusty shaping bay, you'd come up empty-handed. That's because McCallum specializes in boards of a different breed-bonzers, fish, single-fins and everything funky from the past, but with modernized features for improved performance.
Portrait by Benjamin Grillo.

Portrait by Benjamin Grillo.

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McCallum Surfboards

San Diego-based Jeff McCallum is a tough guy to describe. His personality and talents are as unique as the boards that he shapes. With lots of hard work and dedication to the craft, he has gained an international reputation in the community of lovers of beautiful boards outside the norm. 

Jeff started working under famed shaper Chris Christensen, who hails from a heavy lineage of great shapers. Christensen was taught by the legendary Dick Brewer who was taught by Bob Sheppard, who was taught by the father of modern surfing Duke Kanamoku himself. 

Christensen’s alternative approach to surfboard shaping influenced Jeff, so a result he stayed away from traditional surfboard styles. McCallum board designs have an eye on the past, but are built with performance in mind. 

“The best surfing in my mind is a mix between ripping hard and powerful, but it’s got to be smooth. The boards I make definitely help that they surf a bit smoother. But without a doubt performance is always the most important factor. I try not to worry about the market and what other shapers are doing. I’m just happy and fortunate to be doing it in a time when people are open to different designs and ideas.”

Mccallum surfboards are some of the most sought after in the world. They appeal to people who really appreciate quality and craftmanship and take pride in owning it. It’s something special they can pass down to their kids and keep forever.

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