ellis ericson

Photo by Andrew Kidman


Ellis Ericson is always on some kind of mission to find epic waves. He’s originally from Byron Australia, but lives now in Bali. A place where Ellis feels he can be creative and non-restricted. Living in Bali also serves as the perfect testing ground for Ellis to fine-tune his Sunflower Surfboard designs. 

Ellis picked up his shaping skills and talent from his father Bruce Ericson, a renown shaper from the 70′s. “I got into my history a bit more and realized how rad surfing was and I ended up getting back in the bay with my dad, who was a shaper through the ‘70s and ‘80s and still shapes today. I reconnected with him and picked up the tools. He’s a great craftsman so I took on an apprenticeship under him and basically turned a new leaf with my surfing. I got really into my equipment and it reignited a love for the sport and a love for the craft. I’ve just been powering on since then, trying to evolve my shapes, trying to better my boards, trying to surf the best waves I can.”

“I was drawn initially to older shapes because I really wanted to go back and revisit the era. People can call it a retrospective trip or whatever but when I started riding the older boards, I felt like it suited my surfing better than the thrusters could. I thought I could express myself more freely when I was surfing, it felt more natural. When I was growing up, riding those short low-volume boards, it felt like I could never be who I wanted to be on a wave. Mid ‘70s and late ‘70s shapes and the early ‘80s twin fins definitely allowed me to do so. The stuff that was going on in surfing at that time, the experimentation of designs, and the characters and the free minds they had, was also very attractive to me. I just really like that time in the sport and I was drawn to that.”

“I’m going to be mixing up my shapes. I’m going to continue a few models that I’ve had but I’m going to pretty much change everything up this year. I’ll keep the aesthetic going, but work on really making my boards specialized. I’ve been working on a few outline breaks and some fin set ups. I’m pretty excited.”


At the moment our dear Ellis isn't doing a whole lot of shaping because other life stuff (like surfing, girlfriend stuff) is higher on the priority list.

We get it man. We're disappointed.... but we get it.

He did however do a bitchin' twin keel fin design with our friends at Alkali Fins. Which we happen to have in stock. So if riding new-skool twin templates is your thing...

A look into Ellis Ericson's life shaping and surfing in Bali, Indonesia, with a special appearance by Jared "Bang bang boogie" Mell. Music by "The Allah-las", song one 'don't you forget it', song two 'sandy'. Video by Jimmy "Jazz" James. Ellis Ericson: https://www.rvca.com/t/advocate/ellis-ericson

Shapers profile Ellis Ericson by What Youth.