Joel Fitzgerald was born and raised on the Northern Beaches of New South Wales Australia.

He grew up in the Hot Buttered shaping bay ran by his father Terry Fitzgerald an learned to surf at North Narrabeen along side his brothers Kye and Liam Fitzgerald.After traveling the world surfing on the professional tour with a career spanning over 20 years, Joel now enjoys shaping surfboards and exploring new waves. Joel is known amongst his respected peers and fellow shapers as an innovator and talented surfboard craftsman. He shapes, surfs and lives in
Byron Bay with his wife, surfing companion and business partner Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald. Each board is hand crafted with care by Joel for your enjoyment. He can help you decide which Board is right for you, an is always happy to have a chat.

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Fitzgerald surfing Fitzy hand crafted surfboards, in Indonesia, Australia, and the Maldives, edit by Maculey Rae, footage by Macualey Rae, Sean Gilhooley

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The Land Of is an entirely independent production that follows a group of surfers on a journey through Thailand as they gain new perspectives on travel that extend far beyond simply riding waves. In chapter one we find Joel Fitzgerald and Chrystal Jameson Fitzgerald in Phang Nga visiting the grommets at Baan Santisuk orphanage. During their time there they were able to assist in a building project as well as taking the kids surfing at local beaches helping to build their confidence in the ocean. Chrystal sums it up best saying "everything we do matters" reminding us of the value of traveling with a purpose. To get involved with Baan Santisuk visit The Land Of series is entirely funded by the independent artists involved. All three episodes will be released weekly on Director : Stefan Hunt - @stefan_hunt Cinematographer : Campbell Brown - @kambooo Producer : Stefan Hunt Editor : Stefan Hunt Colorist : Matt Fezz Animation : Drew Meier Design : Matt Dampney - @damp_design Music in order of appearance. Song : Bark Artist : Open Swimmer Song: Curious Cat Artist: Jonny Higgins Song: Untitled Artist: OXBLVD

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Catching your dreams, the ‘Dreamcatcher’ is a Fish surfboard, designed to ride in large or small surf depending on your experience level. It will carry you across flat sections and give you that extra agility and speed for turns and barrels. The Dreamcatcher is made as a swallow or double-flyer-swallow tail, with a quad or a keel, fin set-up. The Dreamcatcher has been tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. 

Great for both beach-breaks and point waves, this board can be ridden as a finless for the more adventurous. 

Price quoted for this board includes a Single color resin tint, added Resin Tints, fabric inlays and Volan glass come with additional costs. Made to order for your boarding adventures!

1968 LOG

is designed for nose riding and enjoying the ride. Inspired by traditional old mals from the late 60’s, and with design help form exceptional surfer, water man Mr. Brett Caller. The 1968 is a perfect Summer board, ideal for all all you single fin lovers who enjoy smooth glides, trims and and nose rides. 



The Speed Monkey is a 70′s style single fin also comes as a twin fin, with wing pin swallow or simple swallow tail. 

Its for you speed junkies, frothers and retro lovers. The Speed Monkey is a premium high performance craft developed with surfing legend and world champion Beau Young. 

This board is made for fast and hollow waves as well as your local beachies, for classic lines and flow. 

Price quoted for this board includes a Single color resin tint, added Resin Tints, fabric inlays and Volan glass come with additional costs. Made to order for your boarding adventures!