San diego's Josh hall is a true master of his art

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For the "perfect glide" you can have a 100% hand made Josh Hall surfboard all the way from San Diego, USA. This younger generation surfer/shaper was schooled by the legend Skipp Frye, what else do you need to know!


Josh Hall is a young, ambitious shaper who blends San Diego’s legendary surfing history and culture with progressive designs. In this short film, we dig into his formidable Pacific Beach (“PB”) roots. Josh runs us through seminal life events involving local legends Skip Frye, Joe Roper, and Eric “Bird” Huffman. We learn what specifically led him to his current state of mind and business, though he humbly maintains that his path has been akin to a decree of divine providence. As the heir apparent, Josh balances the weight of the responsibility of carrying on this distinct cultural legacy with his sizable business aspirations.