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taking it TO THE BEACH

Join us for a fine selection of the latest Seasicksurf Filmfest on one of our special film nights at ALOHA in Wijk aan Zee or ZUID in Scheveningen. All nights are packed with some 2.5 hours of the latest and finest surf films. We start at 20:30 PM. Tickets are limited!
Get your pre-sale ticket now 5 euro or last tickets at the door 7.50 euro.

PART ONE - Tuesday 19 September ALOHA // Wednesday 20 September ZUID


PART TWO - Wednesday 27 September ALOHA and ZUID




19 & 20 september

one shot // free jazz vein // biarritz surf gang


Russell Ord wakes one morning in Margaret River, looks over the photos he’s spent a large part of his life capturing and is filled with dissatisfaction. Deep down Ord knows he didn’t walk away from a secure career as a fire fighter to just take “good” shots. But as a loving husband with three kids it’s not lost on him that the end goal isn’t going to come without sacrifice. Directed by Darren McCagh


Few directors have mastered the genre of surf porn like Tin Ojeda. With his last film ‘Expencive Porno Movie’ there is also no point in denying that .. Shooting primarily on 16mm film Tin keeps turning surfing into visual art on the screen. Directed by Tin Ojeda


A documentary about the infamous locals from Biarritz' Grande Plage in the Eighties. A group of surfers that have impacted French surf history in a number of ways. Looking back on these times, with some great classical footage, and the times that came after .. Directed by Pierre Denoyel and Nathan Curren


27 september

lumiere // under an arctic sky // nervous laughter 


From Hawaii to Tahiti, Lumiére takes us behind the lens of North Shore photographer Amber Mozo, to find what the ocean gives to her in spite of what it took away. Lumiére is an emotional distillation of the story of Amber Mozo, daughter of iconic North Shore photographer Jon Mozo, who passed away from head injuries sustained photographing Pipeline when Amber was just 9 years old. Directed by Tay Steele


Six surfers set sail along the frozen shores of Iceland, knowing that the worst storm to hit the country in twenty-five years is about to arrive. Enduring constant darkness and stormy seas, they discover perfect waves and make history by surfing under the northern lights. Directed by Chris Burkard


An eclectic group childhood friends that followed each other into the Jaws lineup as teenagers, and through peer pressure and rivalries, pushed each other to unprecedented performances in the ensuing years. Then came the El Niño of 2016, which promised to serve up the largest swells in big-wave history. Follow the crew for an inside look at a season rife with nerves, injury, triumph and friendship. Directed by Albee Layer/ Take Shelter productions