OH Dawn

Oh Dawn 

Two brothers and a friend, city surfers from Copenhagen. Simon and Mathias Rosenthal and Bo Gundtoft started shaping in their backyard for the cold, windy and unpredictable surf scene on Denmark's north shore. Some years later they are now leading on of the best (and very few) small and upcoming surf brands from northern Europe. A creative mix between cold water surfing, Scandinavian design and fair materials production in Portugal.

Copenhagen may not loom large on surfing’s world map, but that’s kind of the whole point. OH DAWN was born out of geographical constraints; a group of people who found something they loved to do, even though the ideology seemed pigeonholed in places like California, Hawaii or Australia.

“When we started surfing we were like, ‘Okay, we are surfers but we can’t relate to most surf brands.’ And when we thought about surfers we were like, ‘That’s not us,’” explains Mathias. “So we wanted to do our own thing, to be part of a local community and what we felt represented our way of surfing.”