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our surf film fest is now on tour!

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Come see and especially hear Beau Young play when you are in the neigborhood. See you there!

order your custom dreamboard now!

your custom dreamboard is only a few clicks away (and a month or two of waiting game) check these three visiting shapers and see which one fits you best. Just fill in the order form to let us know all about you and your surfing and we'll hook you up with the best fitting board possible in colors and finishings that you like. and if you don't know a whole lot about surfboards; We are here to guide you through the process, and set you up for succes. Click on the shots for some more info on the guys. (there should be more girl shapers, right)


gato heroi aka robin kegel 

Robin Kegel as a shaper is most commonly known now by the name of Gato Herói. A funky name from a punky guy. He shapes radical re-do's of past eras and rides them with 240 volts of style. The name Gato Herói (Cat Hero) emphasizes Robin’s unique character with a vision and innovative style that’s always ahead of everyone else. 

Orders can come in until end September. 


come check the shop out

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A dream came true:

finally we found the space we need on a spot we so dearly love. The basque country is the surfing capital of europe. And we are immensely proud to be part of that. We have everything that you can ask for in a surf shop, but all high quality and exclusive surf gear. 

We also have an amazing rental surfboard quiver available: a 5.6 simmons, a 5.8 keelfish, a 6.6  2 plus 1 egg, a 7.0 bonzer, an 8.2 Hull and a 9.4 classic Nose Rider. for only 30 euros a day.

We are here to explore surfboard design in our shop so  we carry boards by the most aaahmazing and open minded surfboard shapers: 

Thomas Bexon, Panda, Ellis Ericson, Tyler Warren, Neal Purchase Junior, Gato Heroi, Tanner Prairie, Josh Hall, Troy Elmore, Joel Fitzgerald, Ryan Lovelace, ND Surf, Plume d'Avion, angkeloveflowandsoul, Deadkooks, Bob Mitsven, Campbell Brothers, Pyzel.

Also we have a wide range of quality cool gear and apparel for the boys and the girls. and even some for the kids. Brands we carry:

Dark Seas, Patagonia, ridge wetsuits, excell wetsuits, sympl, teva, the critical slide society, oh dawn, lore of the sea, seasicksurf, captain fin, alkali, the salty merchants, true ames, 


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back by dope demand.

What get's you through another day at the office? Sure, your daily dose of fresh brew keeps you awake. But what you really need is to hit the water, hit the surf.

We know what you REALLY want! And here is the best way to tell your mates, while you are getting another shot of caffeine and while your thoughts are already drifting off again to tomorrow's forecast and hopefully your next session. Stay fresh, stay stoked!

2 Sea Sick Surf Coffee Mugs
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Deja vu wetsuits

italian style and comfort 

more comfortable than something that is really comfortable. can't think of something right now, but rest assured that this is a very comfortable wetsuit. And you can put your nail in without it ripping like other nextskin rubbish. this is good stuff.


ridge wetsuits.

next level made to measure yamamoto wetsuits


If you want the best fit...

...maximum warmth and top performance then you need a custom fit wetsuit. Our custom made, hand-crafted and made to your measurements wetsuits will insulate and protect you from cold water, wind and abrasion. That being said and if you prefer, we also offer a wide range of standard sizes.


so many boards for so many styles of surfing

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