The most interesting thing about surfing different surfboards is experiencing a variety of feelings on a wave

Mix it up and keep it fresh. 

What is the perfect board? You know, it depends on your moods and that’s why having a quiver is good, just to have that diversity of shapes to express yourself. 

Sea Sick is an Amsterdam-based surf shop with a passion for well-crafted surfboards. We love exploring surfboard design to experience new and more fulfilling ways of riding waves.

Most of our boards are made with North European conditions in mind. This meaning modern, progressively shaped boards, perfect to get your speed up quickly without sacrificing manoeuvrability. Look for us to find your daily dose of fresh inspiration, the latest design talk and a variety of mind opening surfboards.

We have new boards arriving regularly and specific orders can be placed at any time. If you are interested in ordering something special, please feel free to contact us anytime.  

We love to hear from you! 

Sea Sick

Albert, Gijs and Allard.