The most interesting thing about surfing different surfboards is experiencing a variety of feelings on a wave

Mix it up and keep it fresh.

What is the perfect board? there isn´t one. Everything depends on your mood, your wave, conditions… Which is why having a diverse quiver is a good thing, having that diversity of shapes to be able to express yourself. 

Sea Sick Surf is an Amsterdam & Bask Country based surf brand with a passion for well-crafted surfboards. We love exploring surfboard design to experience new and more fulfilling ways of riding waves.

Many people surf boards and equipment that isn’t right for them or for the waves they surf on. They get stuffed with poor quality boards made in China, Designed for really experienced surfers on great waves with just one style of competition surfing in mind.

Our goal, or mission, is to offer great quality handmade or finished boards, in a great variety of shapes, that are tailored to anything your surfing life throws at you.

There are no bad waves; just bad board choices, basically.

Secondly: the surf industry is tired. the lifestyle that big bulky surf brands still try to stuff down peoples throats has become so lame and mainstream, that people seem to be gagging for fresh and original stuff. Stuff that can’t be bought in every high street in every European city. So our second mission is to offer people collections from surfers all over the world that make high quality and original products, that make a surfing life more comfortable, more stylish and enjoyable.

So, also, if you identify with (all of) the above and would like to contribute or work with us in any way, please feel free to contact us anytime.  

We love to hear from you! 

Sea Sick Surf