Our twin keel fish has been tweaked and refined taking this guy to a whole other level. We have given this guy a new outline making it sleeker, refined the rails for control and changed the bottom. The bottom now consists of a rolled vee entry to single to deep double concave. The main new feature is the channels running outside the fins using the twinzer concept which has given this board a whole new gear. Its fast. 


Its what it looks like. Weird and fun! This is such an enjoyable board for tiny 1ft waves, up to 3ft. If its small this thing will get you up and flying faster than any other board in your quiver. 


The latest edition to the Doinker series...the Egg. It looks similar, but functions quite differently. It maintains the same fun, tradition- al nose outline of the OG Doinker, yet blends into a nice n’ sleek rounded pin. The Egg features a rolled vee through the entry, into double concave through the fins. It also comes available in either 3,4 or 5 fin setups. Its super-smooth, sleek, fast and very, very versatile. Surfs well in waist high slop, to good overhead barrels. Our matte, all-black, resin tinted ‘OBSIDIAN’ colourway for 2015, has everyone in a frenzy. 




Designed in collaboration with Andrew Doheny, its short flat and fat with performance mixed in. It features a flat deck and bevelled rails with a wide 80’s bump squash tail. The bottom consists of a single concave throughout and 2 belly channels so this thing is built for speed. It will get up and go in the smallest mush and will hold a solid line in waves up to head high. Best surfed as a quad. 


Something completely new to the range, a Twinzer (the forgotten fin setup). This is a very versatile board. It has a performance twin fin outline and contains a good amount of volume so it surfs well in smaller waves but will handle well in over head surf. Super fast and loose but surfs solid on rail. comes as a 5 fin setup for those wanting to use a nubster for added drive and control. 



This is the Ford Archbold’s signature model. Ford likes to ride his boards short, fat and a little different from everyone elses board. It features a flat deck with a low beveled rail and beak nose, keeping it really stable and buoyant, yet allowing you to still bury the rails. Combine this with a deep single concave for speed and drive and a flyer behind the side fins for release. Ride this 5 inches shorter, 1 inch wider and same thickness as your standard shortboard. 



A new take on the popular Bangers And Mash. This is a perfor- mance shortboard designed for very poor to average conditions and is perfect for the guy that only wants to ride shortboards (yet needs that groveller in his quiver). It’s really playful with the curvy outline, combined with a fast low rocker and boxy rails keeping it higher in the water through turns. This gem is a great, every day summer board, especially for places like California where volume is highly important. The big difference in this model over the older ‘Bangers’ is the single to double concave into vee - behind the back fin - which adds drive and rail to rail flow combined with a wider, rounded square tail. Order 3 inches shorter than you are tall, 1/2 wider and same thickness as your standard shortboard. 



For 2015 we’ve made some changes to The Norts. Squashed it down, widened the nose a touch and kept the tail pulled in. The concept of this board is to perform in tight, critical parts of the wave and to be ridden 1 inch shorter than you are tall. It still main- tains a nice smooth outline and medium rocker, combined with soft medium rails and a single concave. This board will surf anything from 2-6ft, its very versatile and easy to ride. Order 1 inch shorter than you are tall, 1/4 wider and 1/16 thicker than your standard shortboard. If you like the Little Rip Stick then you will love this for slightly hollower, better waves - where riding the barrel (and surfing tight in the pocket) is required. 


This is our best selling shortboard. For what was our step down shortboard a few years ago, this has now become our all rounder. Suited perfectly for beach breaks from 2-5ft, it is a perfect step down from the Pandamonium model, with a little added nose and tail width. Ride 1 inch shorter than you are tall, 1/4 wider and 1/16 thicker than your standard shortboard. If you enjoy this board, then also give The Norts model (for hollower waves) or the Pandamoni- um (for slightly bigger, punchier waves) a whirl. 



This is a new take on the Doinker. We have pulled the nose and tail in (also adding flip to the nose) and giving you the option of a 5 fin setup. This is for the guy that wants to rip apart tiny wave condi- tions. It features a single to deep double concave, with concave vee through the tail combined with a crazy looking diamond/cre- sent tail which shortens the rail line, but gives bite at the same time. 


The B2 model is one of the original PANDA curves that we began with. A high performance shortboard best suited to punchy, hol- low waves - due to the extended bottom curve and the deep sin- gle concave running throughout. It surfs tight in the pocket and releases beautifully off the lip. This is a team favourite for taking to strange, exotic, far-out lands such as Indonesia and Uranus, or when the surf is just ‘fiiiiiiiiiring’ at your local beachie. 


The mid length board. This is the brother of the Sweet Leaf. We have pushed the wide point forward, giving it plenty of foam under the chest for paddle power and stability, also creating drive and flow with the outline tapering in towards the tail. The Black Moon provides a smooth ride and performs great on rail. Its best in waves from knee to just overhead high. Ride 3-4 inches shorter, same thickness and 1/2- 3/4 of an inch wider than your shortboard. 


This is our new generation all-round high performance shortboard. It has a slightly wider nose and tail than our previous shortboard designs a few years ago and can be ridden 1 inch shorter and 1/8 wider if desirable. It’s a full curve shortboard making it suitable for punchier waves, yet with the extra planing surface - in the nose and tail - this board does have the ability to get through the fat sections. It should be ridden in waves shoulder high and above. Featuring a deep single to double concave for speed and control in hollow waves and is generally ridden in a squash tail with a slight hip. 


1, 2, 3 Repeater. No more scratching into walls and missing the section, only to have it reel off down the line in front of you. Our new mid length will make you glide, trim, fade repeat with effortless ease. The Repeater is available from 7’0- 8’0 and can be ridden as a single or 1 + 2. It features vee entry blending to a rolled rail single concave to vee out the tail combined with low pinched rails. This gives it the feeling of a hull but with more speed and ma- noeuvrability. 


The FVK has an EPS core with a high density PU stringer lami- nated in X and S cloth for superior flex and compression strength using carbon panels to control and change the flex pattern for a superior board with flex and drive where you want it and that extra bit of spark. All Panda models are available in FVK Tech.