fin workshop at seasicksurfshop

come to our shop friday the 22nd at 1700 and hear all about fins; as told by @westkustsurf. he will speak about the different types of fins, clusters and the hydrodynamics; but he will also explain everything about his global open source 3d print-a-fin project!

Amsterdam based Westkust was founded on the idea that surfing needs a more open source based mentality. This means that everything that we make is shared with the public for free. We strongly believe that sharing your work with the world and making the designs public will spark a lot of good things. Who we are is not important, we talk through our work. We are a union of makers. Do we have a story? Yeah, it's about sharing our design files for free for others to enjoy and improve upon. All you need is a lasercutter or a 3d printer and press 'print'

We call it Open Source Surfing