Relatable Form. 10-minute short ft. Ryan Lovelace and friends

getting their share of some Mentawai reefs, local culture, boat building & shaping analogies.

A nice balance of insights by Mr.Lovelace, dope cinematography and some really decent surfing featuring multiple forms of barrelkind. And hey, all that within the 10-minute mark means kudos.

Our favorite quote:

“shaping is the art of surfing” - Mentawai local

In the words of Ryan Lovelace:

“ A handful of friends and I took to the Indian Ocean for what became a surreal learning experience. Perspective gained through removal from society, friendships made; unique but so akin. Fundamentals of life shared throughout time and space - Life appreciated. A study of hand made craft with water and nature between friends and other craftsman from across the globe.”

Cinematography by James Clower, Joey Dwyer and Timmy Dwyer

Color Timing by Jason Johnson

Sound and Edit Master by Jesse Andrus

Editing by Joey Dwyer, James Clower and Timmy Dwyer

Featuring Dedi Sabatilat, Phil Browne, Joe Yee, Simon Murdoch, James Clower, Michael Carson, Ryan Lovelace, Eric Paulson, Trimcraft Surfboards

Special thanks to Surf in Mentawais, Dedi, Allen Thornton, Glide Surf Company, Trimcraft, Jason Johnson, Jesse Andrus, Jesse Tyler, Ryan Toomey, Mick Carson, Gregg Tally

Music: The Budos Band, Emancipator, Kikagaku Moyo

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