Journey On

For a brief, but brilliant period in the mid '90s Shane Herring was considered the best surfer in the world. He and Kelly Slater were both in their first ASP final together at the ’92 Coke Classic at Narrabeen. Shane won riding the revolutionary ‘Banana-Board’, a radically curved and full concave board that shaper Greg Webber produced specifically to help Herring take on Slater. Unfortunately, Herring’s success was short-lived. Endless parties eventually undid his focus and two years later he was off the tour. Back to 2014, Kelly approaches Webber to reexamine the design, claiming afterwards that he's doing turns that he hasn't done before. Here’s the story. 

Shane Herring, Michael Rommelse and their rocker ships. Image by Tom Servais. Video by Tracks Magazine/Monty Webber.

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