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bidart open all fall and winter

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stop by on your fall surftrip

The basque country is the surfing capital of europe. And we are immensely proud to be part of that. We have everything that you can ask for in a surf shop.  all high quality and exclusive surf gear. 

We also have an amazing rental surfboard quiver available: a 5.6 simmons, a 5.8 keelfish, a 6.6  2 plus 1 egg, a 7.0 bonzer, an 8.2 Hull and a 9.4 classic Nose Rider. for only 30 euros a day.

We are here to explore surfboard design in our shop so  we carry boards by the most aaahmazing and open minded surfboard shapers: 

Thomas Bexon, Panda, Ellis Ericson, Tyler Warren, Neal Purchase Junior, Gato Heroi, Tanner Prairie, Josh Hall, Troy Elmore, Joel Fitzgerald, Ryan Lovelace, ND Surf, Plume d'Avion, angkeloveflowandsoul, Deadkooks, Bob Mitsven, Campbell Brothers, Pyzel.

Also we have a wide range of quality cool gear and apparel for the boys and the girls. and even some for the kids. Brands we carry:

Dark Seas, Patagonia, ridge wetsuits, excell wetsuits, sympl, teva, the critical slide society, oh dawn, lore of the sea, seasicksurf, captain fin, alkali, the salty merchants, true ames, 


here's the address, dear mobile visitor.