Neal Purchase Jnr Wolf Hound 7.5

Neal Purchase Jnr Wolf Hound 7.5


The Wolf Hound is a collaboration between Neal Purchase Jnr and the Salty Merchants. The fin is extremely well-suited for smaller single fin surfboards with narrow tail widths up to 7 foot pintails. It's a driving fin with plenty of manoeuvrability due to its short rake and water breaking leading edge.

The Wolf Hound has been tried and tested by Neal Purchase Jnr in many boards over the past few years with many mid-surf, sandpaper adjustments in the car park, all narrowing down the best results and final outline we offer you here today. 

All Wolf Hound fins are hand finished in Australia by fin company the Salty Merchants and come in a hand-made corduroy case. 

Base 145mm - Height 190mm.
Price: € 100,00 + € 11,00 shipping EU-wide.

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