Umbe Surfcraft Type #2 Flextail 5.8 Simmons

Umbe Surfcraft Type #2 Flextail 5.8 Simmons


Great design, environmental commitment and the dream of putting functional and beautiful boards on waves all over the world , sum up Bernardo Sodré. Rio product designer and founder of Umbe. A brand that has earned prestige and respect with surfers seeking quality and design.

Sodre, Ipanema soul surfer and skateboarder is able to combine his passion for the sport with his design talent.

So now about this flex tail: It's a Simmons outline with belly entry to a single concave between the fins but with more bottom rocker. With an low swallow tail and less volume in the third part than the original Simmons. The goal is to achieve a more powerful turning capability and put more of the third part of the board inside of the wave, the flex will be used on the rail to rail surf, also pumping (press and release) providing more speed and energy released after each turn, The slingshot factor. The fins that are used are the same template I use at my Mini Simmons model.

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