Tyler warren Girlfriend 7.5

Tyler warren Girlfriend 7.5


Spiral vee love for his and her.

A board that you or your girlfriend can have fun on. this board is a double ended template with a hippy tail that has a spiral vee below around the fin producing lift and looseness.  a board that works best in 4 foot to over head surf.this board requires and teaches  you movement of the feet up and down to keep the flow and when to put it on rail to crank a turn. this board can be ridden in a variety of lengths. which basically means that any size is fun, so why not this 7.5?

Extra features: dark purple resin tint colouring on top and bottom side, matte finish super nice panelling 

Available size: 7.5 x 21 x 2 6/8

Price: €1040 

The price does not include shipping charges. Please email us at hello@seasicksurf.com for shipping rates or to arrange a local pick-up. 

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We've profiled influentialsurfer/shaper/artist, Tyler Warren. Whether he's in the water, in the shaping bay or meticulously producing his unique artwork, Tyler Warren is one who walks to the beat of his own drum.