It feels unbelievable

Sometimes you have to look at the past to create the future. The Sunflower Stub is Ellis Ericson’s modern tribute to the iconic shapes of Michael Peterson (MP) and the beginnings of high performance surfing. Expect insane trim speed, stylish carves and cutbacks so hard, you’ll make sound effects. 

The design is a true Stub with a twist in tail, a classic shortboard tucked-under-edge rail immediately in front of the fin that allows you to drive of the 60/40 centre rail at will and gives the board a vertical turning dimension, while maintaining the mid-board carves and blissful trim that are the hallmarks of all good stub shapes. 

Surfing a Stub will show you how to use your rail to set up a good bottom turn and can teach you how to perform a smooth cutback once you’ve got speed to burn off. It’s a very dynamic, accelerating and visually beautiful way of surfing that must be done with mind, purpose and intent. It feels unbelievable and that is the beauty of the design. 

Available size: 5'8 x 19 5/8 x 2 1/2 

Sold, but we have new boards coming in frequently. Send an email to if you're interested in ordering a custom Ellis Ericson surfboard.  

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Ellis grooving on his personal Stub shape.