Paon 7.4 21 2 5/8 by plume d'avion

Paon 7.4 21 2 5/8 by plume d'avion


Our eyes have been on Loran for a couple of years now. As soon as you surf Brittany, you see his work floating around, and you start feeling his vibe. We never personally met him before, but we figured we needed his excellent work in our shop. And he was happy to cooperate with three beautiful boards, that just stand out on many levels.

This one is the Paon or Peacock, he sues that name for his mid length single fin that are easy to surf for people of all skills. this one is a flatrockered 7.4 with a pinny tail that will rock the pocket as it will glide down the line. i has a soft  belly entry, nice medium pinched rails ending in a sweet subtle vee.

it has double 6 oz on top and 6 oz on the bottom and an USblank inside. short: quality stuff, it features amazing resin artwork by the master, and an imprinted logo in the foam.

this board is just special.

available size 7.4 21 2 5/8 nose 15.5 tail 15

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//////// Présentation de PLUME D'AVION, Alternative Surfboards //////// //////// Made in Plozevet and Shaped by Loran Gueguen //////// # Image et montage by MikA RiOu # Musique by LOran Filmed w/ Panasonic Lumix GH2 1080@24p Pancake 20mm Lumix 14-42mm Lumix 45-200mm Zeiss Jena II 28mm Go Pro Hero 2 Enjoy!