Good in all conditions

The Nugget is your new best friend from mushy days to speedy racetrack sessions and everything in between.

Surfers have been raving about this model’s ability to create its own speed and maneuver well in the pocket without losing control or sliding out. "It's super responsive, easy to control and feels like an extension of your feet" says shaper Jon Pyzel. The wide point a little forward in this board allows a really nice rail line that creates more drive. Single concave from the front foot back into double concave and slight Vee out through the tail for easy rail to rail surfing. Combining that with a medium rail and pulled-in thumb tail, the Nugget screams versatility. Equally loved as a quad or thruster, you can ride the Nugget as a quad for generating speed and having yourself a tight turning circle. Change the setup to a thruster and the board will have controlled drive which is perfect for quality wave conditions.    

This board has an unique resin pigment to achieve a rich colouring and also features S-glass lamination to ensure you a high quality, light and strong surfboard.

Available size: 5'8 x 19 1/2 x 2 5/16  

Sold, but we have new boards coming in soon. Alternatively, have a look at the versatile shortboard in disguise 5'8 Angelfish

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