A Surfing Masterpiece

San Diego-based Jeff McCallum is a tough guy to describe. His personality and talents are as unique as the boards that he shapes. With lots of hard work and dedication to the craft, he has gained an international reputation in the community of lovers of beautiful boards outside the norm. 

The Mford named after the tattoo artist Milford Barnes, who created one of Jeff Mccallum’s logo’s. As the story goes, Milford had a dream where he was riding a board on a cloud. He recalled so well that it inspired Jeff to bring Milford’s dream to life. 

The result is the Mford, a combination of a Simmons and a Spoon that’s good for small to medium sized waves. It has a Spoon outline, slight scooped-out deck, with a Simmons-style rail and concave, and a quad keel fin set-up. Collectors should take note, it takes twice as long to shape this design, plus one extra glassing on the deck. But it’s worth the wait. Jeff’s handiwork proves once again that his surfboards are beautiful works of art. 

Extra features: resin tint top and bottom side, full gloss and polish, scoop deck, fixed marine ply quad keels. Shaped & signed personally by Jeff Mccallum.

Available size: 5'10 x 22 1/4 x 2 1/2  

Price: € 1100,00

The price does not include shipping charges. Please email us at for shipping rates or to arrange a local pick-up. 

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The Mccallum MFORD in action.