One of those perfect longboards

Shaper Robin Kegal is Gato Herói. A funky name from a punky guy. He shapes radical re-do's of past eras and rides them with 240 volts of style. The name Gato Herói (Cat Hero) emphasizes Robin’s unique character with a vision and innovatie style that’s always ahead of everyone else. 

The Playdate is what we call one of those perfect longboards. It’s a very accessbile shape that allows for easy noseriding without sacrificing on manoeuvrability. The template is inspired by the Hot Generation boards of ’66/67 with its wide-point set back and a slightly more pulled-in nose. The semi-pinched rails give more hold in trim and the vee through the tail helps to perform easy and smooth turns.

Once you commit yourself to the Playdate, you’ll be surprised by the unlimited potential of this board. 

Extra features: Blue resin tint, full volan, 3/8 cedar stringer and sanded finish. Shaped by Robin Kegal.

Available size: 9'4 x 22 7/8 x 2 3/4  

Price: € 1235,00

The price does not include fin* and shipping charges. Please email us at for shipping rates or to arrange a local pick-up. 

*Pictured fin: Gato Heroi C-Fin 

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carl gonsalves shows how much fun a board like this is. Video by Wild Things, Australia.