Gato Heroi Chop Operator 9'4 by Gato Heroi

Gato Heroi Chop Operator 9'4 by Gato Heroi


One of those perfect longboards

Shaper Robin Kegal is Gato Herói. A funky name from a punky guy. He shapes radical re-do's of past eras and rides them with 240 volts of style. The name Gato Herói (Cat Hero) emphasizes Robin’s unique character with a vision and innovatie style that’s always ahead of everyone else. 

This is the square tail version of the Smooth Operator. This a more stable board (compared to e.g. Gato's Playboy) with a slightly more rocker, a rolled bottom and typical fine rails to allow for surfing also deep in the pocket. The wider nose allows for nose riding and in combination with the fine rails easy drop knee turns. 

This board was designed in and for the waves of the French Cote Basque, but has also proven to be perfect for less perfect conditions. The Chop Op also handles well, as the name suggests, in more choppy surf. Therefor it is pretty much Gato's ideal longboard for Dutch surfing conditions.

Hand shaped by Robin Kegal. 
Glassed in resin tinted full volan, 3/8 cedar stringer and sanded finish.
Available size: 9'4 x 22 3/4 x 2 3/4  

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