Gato Heroi acid 7.11

Gato Heroi acid 7.11


The longboard quiver killer

Shaper Robin Kegal is Gato Herói. A funky name from a punky guy. He shapes radical re-do's of past eras and rides them with 240 volts of style. The name Gato Herói (Cat Hero) emphasizes Robin’s unique character with a vision and innovatie style that’s always ahead of everyone else. 

Board for all conditions, the acid loves surfing with rails engaged, driving you to take different lines than your normal board. The acid will surprise you with its original approach inall situations, in trim as well as through turns and tubing sections. Its ideal size is between 7 and 8 feet,  The acid fits well among a quiver of longboards and is a versatile board, great to travel with.

Extra features: burgundy resin tint on bottom side, grey patch on a white deck. volan panels
Available size: 7.11 x 20.5 x 2 1/2

Price: €1000 

The price does not include shipping charges. Please email us at for shipping rates or to arrange a local pick-up. 



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VHS camera is so boring to use...I asked my girlfriend to shoot me on 3,4 sessions with old vhs cameras, but everytime it was a disaster.. low Battery, one camera died, tape band broken.. but at the end i'm still loving vhs style and small waves! Filming: Sarah Andres snurfing, editing: Yrwan Garcia Léal i surf: 5'4 fish, acid 7'6 and Chop OP 9'6 Gato Heroi boards.