Dyer Brand Streamliner 9.4 by Mason Dyer

Dyer Brand Streamliner 9.4 by Mason Dyer


Geared for hot doggin performance

Mason Dyer is a talented shaper from Oceanside, California. He worked a long time for Captain Fin and launched his own Dyer Brand shortly after. Today Mason has become well-known worldwide for his one-off longboard and mid-length creations that emphasise craftsmanship and quality. 

The Streamliner is 60’s style ‘Hot Doggin’ longboard. It’s really fast for a log, turns well and can noseride too. According to Mason: "it’s a good all-around longboard, especially in punchier style beach break."

The flat rocker, narrow nose and wide point way back lets the Streamliner flow through the water like a dream. 60/40 rails with lots of rolled Vee through the tail for turning and a slight blended nose concave for in the pocket nose rides. Clearly, it’s got the best of all worlds! 

Extra features: translucent green tint colouring  with aaahmzing pannelling

Available size: 9'4 x 22.5 x 2.7/8

Price: € 1320,00 

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