deadkooks stubby 6.3

deadkooks stubby 6.3


A modern re-do of the Stubby shapes of old by the likes of Wilderness et al. The Stubby has a foiled hull entry to neutral rails to soft tucked down rail in the tail. A soft double under the back foot into Vee provides more drive and a familiar reliability to drive hard through turns. A flat rocker with wide point and volume pushed forward under the chest. The Stubby can be surfed forward for a super loose feeling, down the line speed and flowing high lines, yet shifting to the tail it can be pushed hard through tight arcs and put high into the lip.

Board features a tan resin job with a nice cutlapped rail job. It's a limited TCSS edition.

If you want to buy the board and have it shipped, contact us with the full address and we will get you a shipping quote within 24 hrs.

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