dead kooks devo 9.4

dead kooks devo 9.4



This is our all-rounder.  A well-balanced log in every sense.  Wide point dead center and 50/50 rail line. Subtle nose concave combines with a soft roll to paneled V down the way for plenty of control on the nose and wiggle when you want it. The Devo Encourages surfing the entire board, highlines, tight arcs and long nose-rides.

This is a 9.4 with a dark red transparant resin job and a full heavy gloss.

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Please visit for more information about Dead Kooks Surfboards by Eden Saul. Surfers: Erin Ashley, Leah Dawson, Lachlan Leckie & Eden Saul First Unit Land & Water Cameras: Nathan Oldfield Second Unit Land Camera: Macauley Rae Edit: Nathan Oldfield Music: 'Sun Kissed' by Permateens