Ellis Ericson Tracker Single 7.5

Ellis Ericson Tracker Single 7.5


A true one board travel quiver.

The Tracker is a Vee Bottom in the Australian tradition of the late 60's. The Tracker is perfect for surfing beach breaks or hollow and long powerful reefs. Trackers were born in the late 60's when surfers started to travel more and wanted to see more characteristics combined in one board. And so this is ideal for travel as they surf well in small surf  but also in big and scary stuff .  This tracker has a slightly hulled entry going into a flat bottom transititioning into a vee in the tail accompanied with 50:50 to round rails in the tail and a deep flex fin.Trackers are smoooth for long bottom turns and highlining the hell out of a wave, but also accurate and fast for surfing in the pocket and getting barreled.

extra features: a cherry high polish red resin tint, nicely cultured with a matte black panel on the tail.

Available size: 7'5x22x2.75

Price: € 920,00

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