Tim Patterson Christian Fletcher 6.0

Tim Patterson Christian Fletcher 6.0


The Anti-Standard

Twenty-five years ago Christian Fletcher changed the way the whole world surfed. “I grew up skateboarding” he recalls “and was doings airs on my skateboard. It just seemed natural to do it on the surfboard”. 

In 1988 Christian appeared for the first time on the cover of Surfer magazine, boosting an aerial on what the magazine billed as the ‘Anti-Standard Issue’. A year later at age of 18, Christian won the Body Glove Surf Bout event at his home break Lower Trestles with his unprecedented aerial maneuvers. History was made. Christian started a revolution and blew the doors open for a new radical style of surfing. Today, his surfing is still amazing. Christian Fletcher is well-respected as one of the forefathers of the aerial movement and a true legend beyond words. 

Timmy Patterson has revamped the Christian Fletcher model into a slightly shorter and wider package, that gets into waves quickly with immediate get up and go acceleration. It features more spread out volume, allowing for easy paddling and wave-catching. A single concave under the front foot allows for drive on takeoffs and the double concave blending to a vee provide lift and easy rail-to-rail transitions. The end result is an all-around performance minded surfboard that loves to be surfed hard and help you to land those airs. Uncle Christian will be proud.  

This board has an unique resin pigment to achieve a rich light-grey colouring and also features S-glass lamination to ensure you a high quality, light and strong surfboard.  

Available size: 6'0 x 19 3/4 x 2 3/8 

Price: € 750,00

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